Wisdom’s Corner No. 3: “Virtue provides an example for people to follow; when it is not there, they miss it.”

Beautiful Sky photo

The popular term “politically correct” is being worn out! It’s a word phrase used to hide behind and disguise ones true feelings, or even the truth. The sky is blue, not sort of blue.  Gray is gray, no matter how many shades it is displayed.  The truth is the truth, no matter how much we deny or disguise it with slight of tongue or any other props.  What are we forging in our societal and personal relationships, when we replace virtue with degraded social principals and immoral pacification? We get a disenchanted society. We become a divided and a low standard society.   Virtue is a moral value that we must not release if we are to survive as a civilization.

What is this virtue that provides an example for people to follow? One example of virtue is the inward and outward expression of good principles.   For example, if one is given the responsibility to manage a money fund of any kind.  It is expected that all distributions of those funds are appropriately distributed exactly as the guidelines states.  The money fund does not become ones personal piggy bank.  It is not to be used for elaborate trips and shopping sprees. The principle here is trustworthiness of the one who has been entrusted with this money fund.  Yet, we have so many who have been given this sacred position, which requires trust, and they have violated the oath and principle of it . Trust is a virtue many people miss.

Another example of a good principles is honesty.  It is one who will not distort or falsify the truth.  A great admiration is not always rendered to an honest person.  This is very unfortunate.  Honest people are often called  snitches.  How sad is that?  One becomes a villain because ones conscience does not allow them to lie for monetary gain or for personal favors.  How can a people, in all good conscience, salute dishonesty because it holds a false peace for a moment? Honesty is missed.

A virtue that is losing its way is kindness. It almost seems like a crime to say hello to people anymore.  If one speaks to a stranger it becomes a stirring match.  The response has become negative to a simple “good morning”.  What should I do, text it!? Kindness has not dissipated altogether, but it is slowly losing its strength in the heart of many people.  Many have become so self -indulgent and callous.  Unfortunately, there has to be a major catastrophe before many will acknowledge that we need all hands on deck! There was a time when we said, “good day” to each other.  This kindness is few and far in between.  Maybe we can be an example of kindness and start greeting our families and friends and even strangers with a smile.  Kindness is a virtue people miss.

Thankfulness is a virtue of gratitude that use to be displayed with such humility.  Now we barely hear the words thank you.  We live in an entitlement society.  If one is not entitled, then they will perish or will be forgotten.  If someone helps us with a small task, we don’t say thank you.  Many act as though they are above giving thanks.  Are we not thankful for the bread on our tables?  Whether there be much bread or a little. We have stop thanking God for all of his goodness and grace.  We have stopped looked up in sky and acknowledging that there is a creator.  There is a God that “sits high and looks low”.  We forget to say thank you to God for providing for this planet.  Let’s be an example, and be thankful and show gratitude as a principle of virtue.  Thankfulness is a virtue people miss.

Starting this very moment, let trustworthiness be our heart banner, and honesty be our lamp, let kindness be our armor and thankfulness be our song of praise. We all have the opportunity to be an example of virtuousness.  Thereafter,  when we are gone from this life, we will be missed for living a life of integrity, honesty and decency.









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