My Journey to Patmos: Excerpts

Patmos thumb2

EXCERPT: Pages 9-10

“After the failure of the enraged passengers to recover their luggage.  I saw several uniformed officers come and escort the fire-fighting passengers away from the blazing bin.  The uniforms of the officers were unique.  Their pearly-like uniforms had some foreign object on the back of their jackets, which looked like wings.  The wings were in a folded position, not as if they were ready for take off or anything.  These winged officers graciously ushered the dispirited passengers into a doorway marked “Burn Unit”.  The passengers were crying and falling on their knees.  They appeared to be praying for something.  I could not be certain, because I could not hear any words.   However, if I had to make an educated guess, I would declare that they were pleading not to be taken through the door marked Burn Unit.  Their apparent expression of regret did not change the determined duties of the winged officers.  The officers kept guiding them through the door.”

EXCERPT: page 147

“It was not long before the attendance had placed all the dead bodies in individual bags and onto the rolling carts.  The attendants were all very organized as they performed this clean up.  They were in perfect formation as they filed out of the Grand Room with the dead bodies.  The clean up was expertly done.  There was not a sign of death before us, accept Piercing Fire’s flute sonata of death.”

This book will be available

January 11, 2016

Accepting pre-orders now!


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