Wisdom’s Corner No. 6: “The richer you are the more mouths you have to feed.”

This is a message to all of the millions of people who hoped to become rich by acquiring great wealth.  Those who believe that money is the answer to their problems.  If you believe that great wealth can give you eternal life. Just look around at the many monuments named after famous rich people.  I promise you, that there is a tombstone somewhere, resting on top of dirt over their deceased body.  I don’t believe they wanted to die.  In fact, I am sure they spent a fortune trying to fight sicknesses to live forever, so that they could enjoy their accumulated wealth. But death does not accept monetary payment.  It only accepts souls as payment.

Moreover, money will not buy you true love, maybe lust, but not true love.  When one has a great deal of wealth they have many friends, true or false ones.  This is true, look at a poor person and see how many friends they have.  They are blessed to have one friend! But the wealthy have many friends who hang around them for a crumb from their table.  I know that’s disgusting, but it’s the truth. It is written, “There are two people who will never know the truth, one is a rich person and the second it a beautiful woman.” With great wealth you will never be sure of true love.

On the contrary, the majority of the time, great wealth will bring great suffering, jealousy and unhappiness. I heard a report, that after a family had just won millions in a lottery, that they were going back to work! Do they really think that they will be treated the same by their employer, whose net worth is probably less than theirs? Do they really think that their co-workers are not going to be envious of them and hate them because they don’t have to work and they do? I have witnessed jealousy over someone having a new pair shoes.  What more will the envy be because of tremendous wealth?

The mouths you will have to feed:

  1. IRS
  2. Huge property taxes for your new mansion
  3. Accountants
  4. Lawyers
  5. Insurance companies for your life, homes and cars
  6. Security
  7. Bankers
  8. Charities
  9. Home Maintenance workers for your new mansion
  10. Private schools and colleges
  11. Hair stylists
  12. Pool Cleaner
  13. Water Bill
  14. Landscapes/Gardeners
  15. Friends
  16. Family
  17. Pets
  18. Plumbers
  19. Personal Secretary
  20. Personal Assistant
  21. Cook
  22. Housekeepers
  23. Nannies
  24. Locksmiths
  25. Clothes Designer
  26. Private Nurse
  27. Private Doctor
  28. Food Taster
  29. Private Driver
  30. Personal Clergy
  31. Entertainment
  32. Caterers

The list can go on and on depending on how big the appetite of the wealthy is.  It’s not easy being rich.  It requires a great deal of work.  Being rich is like running a large corporation.  Wealth keeps you on your toes and it demands your undivided attention.  One does not get to relax when great wealth is at stake.  Yes, they may travel on their private jet to exotic places and dine at the finest eateries, but don’t think for one moment that they are not thinking about their money.

“If you love money, you will never be satisfied; if you long to be rich, you will never get all you want. It is useless.  The richer you are, the more mouths you have to feed.  All you gain is the knowledge that your are rich.  Workers may or may not have enough to eat, but at least they can get a good night’s sleep.  The rich, however, have so much that they stay awake worrying.

Here is a terrible thing that I have seen in the world: people save up their money for a time when they may need it, and then lose it all in some bad deal and end up with nothing left to pass on to their children.  We leave this world just as we entered it- with nothing.  In spite of all our work there is nothing we can take with us.  It isn’t right! We go just as we came.  We labor, trying to catch the wind, and what do we get?  We get to live our lives in darkness and grief, worried, and angry and sick.

Here is what I have found out: the best thing we can do is eat and drink and enjoy what we have worked for during the short life that God has given us; this is our fate.  If God give us wealth and property and lets us enjoy them, we should be grateful and enjoy what we have worked for.  It is a gift from God.  Since God has allowed us to be happy, we will not worry too much about how short life is.”

Ecclesiastes 5

Great wealth is a deception if one believes riches will bring them happiness and everyone will love them.  There are many mouths to feed when one acquire great wealth.

Stay blessed!

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