Wisdom’s Corner No. 7: Caution in Taking Advice


Anyone can give advice, but some people do so only in their own interest.  Be careful when somebody offers you advice.  Find out first what his interest in the matter is, because you can be sure that he is thinking primarily of himself.  Why should he come out on top instead of you?  He will assure you that things look good, and then stand back to watch what happens to you.

Don’t ask advice of anyone who doesn’t trust you, and don’t give advice to anyone who is jealous of you.

Don’t ask a woman for advice about a rival of hers.

a coward about war,

a merchant about a bargain,

a buyer about selling,

a stingy person about gratitude,

a cruel person about kindness,

a lazy person about work,

a casual worker about finishing a job,

a lazy slave about a difficult task.

Pay no attention to any advice they may give.

Instead, rely on someone who is religious and is known to keep the Lord’s commands, someone who is sympathetic with you, who will be sorry to see you fail.  And trust your own judgment; no one’s advice is more reliable.  Sometimes your own intuition can tell you more than seven watchmen on a high tower.  Above all, pray to the Most High that he will show you the right thing to do.

Sirach 37

Stay Blessed!



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