Wisdom’s Corner No. 10: Knowing When to Talk


“A person can be rebuked in the wrong way; it may be wiser to keep quiet than to speak.  But it is much better to rebuke the person than to keep your anger bottled up.  Admit when you are wrong, and you will avoid embarrassment.  Using force to get a point across is like a castrated man trying to rape a young woman.  Some people are thought to be wise because they don’t talk much; others are disliked because they talk too much.  Some people keep quiet because they don’t have anything to say; others keep quiet because they know the right time to speak.  A wise person will not speak until the right moment, but a bragging fool doesn’t know when that time is.  No one can stand a person who talks too long and will not give others a chance to speak.”

Sirach 20

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