Wisdom’s Corner No. 18: Self-examination


“Know what you are talking about before you speak and give attention to your health before you get sick.  Examine your conscience before the Lord judges you; then when that comes he will forgive you.  Humble yourself before you are punished with sickness.  When you have sinned, show repentance.  If you make a promise to the Lord, keep it as soon as you can.  Dont’ wait until you are about to die to set things straight.  But before you make such a promise, be prepared to keep it.  Don’t  try to test the Lord’s patience.  Think! Do you want him to be angry with you on the day you die?  When you face his judgment, do you want him to turn his back on you?  When you have all you want, think what it is like to be hungry, what it is to be poor.  Things can change in a single day; the Lord can act very quickly.  If you are wise, you will be careful in everything you do.  When sin is all around you, be especially careful that you do not become guilty.  Every intelligent can recognize wisdom and will honor anyone who shows it.  If you appreciate wisdom when you hear it, you will become wise yourself, and your words will be a source of wisdom for others.”

Sirach 18


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