Wisdom’s Corner No. 2: “Don’t stick out your hand to get something if you’re going to be tight-fisted when the time comes to pay it back.”


Why does credit spending make us feel like we have hit the jackpot? While paying back the loans and interest make us feel like we are aboard the sinking Titanic?  Why don’t we just spend what we have earned and just have a good night sleep? Why are we driven to purchase services and products beyond our means, only to regret we ever laid eyes on a loan application?  I suppose we can blame it on great advertising, such as the media.  We can also turn an accusing nose to the sweet smile of cinnamon encouraging us to spend.  We can also convict the comforting music playing in the stores while we are conjuring a financial storm for our household.  Yet, we still grab our plastic promises of bliss and sell our financial freedom for a single moment of “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” Well, “You shouldn’t have!” Because most people are tight-fisted when it comes…

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