Wisdom’s Corner No. 19: “God’s People Must Prepare for the End”


“Now listen to my message, you people who serve the Lord.  It is the Lord’s message, so receive it and believe what he says.  The disasters are approaching rapidly, and they will not be delayed.  A woman in the ninth month of pregnancy may suffer labor pains for several hours, but when the time comes for the baby to be born, there is no longer any delay. In the same way, the disasters that are coming on the earth will not be delay, and the world will groan when it is caught in its labor pains.

Listen to my message, my people and get ready for the battle.  When the disasters come, you must live as people whose home is not in this world.  Merchants must not expect to make a profit from what they sell; they must be ready to run for their lives.  Their customers must expect to lose whatever they buy.  Whoever builds a house should not plan to live in it.  Farmers should not expect to harvest their their crops or pick their grapes.  Those who marry must not expect have children, and those who don’t marry must lives as if they had been widowed.  Anything that is done will be useless.  Foreigners will harvest the crops, seize the wealth, tear down their houses, and carry off the children as slaves.  Anyone who has children will be bringing them up to be slaves or to die of starvation.  Anyone whom makes money will do so only to see it violently taken away.  The more possessions people gather.  The more they spend on their cities and houses, the more attention they give to their personal appearance, the more angry the Lord will become with them because of their sin. This is what the Lord says……….”

2 Esdras 16:35-18





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