Wisdom’s Corner No. 35: Wisdom as a Teacher


“Wisdom takes care of those who look for her; she raises them to greatness.  Loving her is loving life itself; rising early to look for her is pure joy.  Anyone who obtains Wisdom will be greatly honored.  Wherever he goes, the Lord will bless him.  Wisdom’s servant’s are the servants of the Holy One, and the Lord loves everyone who loves her.  Those who obey her will give sound judgments, those who pay attention to her have true security.  Put your trust in Wisdom, and you will possess her and pass her on to your descendants.  At first, Wisdom will make you so afraid that you will think you cannot go on.  The discipline she demands will be tormenting, and she will put you to the test with her requirements until she trust you completely.  Then she come to you with no delay, reveal her secrets to you, and make you happy.  But if you go astray, she will abandon you and let you go to your own ruin.”

Sirach 4

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