Wisdom’s Corner No. 40: The Coming Disasters


“The Lord says, ‘Proclaim to my people the prophetic messages that I will give you, and then have them written down, because they are true and will be fulfilled.  Do not be afraid of those who plot against you or be disturbed by their unbelief.  All unbelievers will die because of their unbelief.’

The Lord says, ‘I am going to brings terrible disasters on the whole world–war and famine, death and destruction, because wickedness has spread everywhere, and evil has reached its limit.’

Therefore, ‘The Lord says, ‘I will no longer remain silent about the wickedness of these godless people; I will no longer tolerate it.  The have murdered innocent people, and the blood they have spilled cries out to me for revenge; the souls of the righteous are constantly pleading for vengeance.  Let there be no doubt.’  says the Lord, ‘I will hear the plea of all the innocent people who have been murdered and I will take vengeance for what has been done to them.'”

2 Esdras 15

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