Take Your Hand Out Of The Cookie Jar


“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, come out of  her , my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”  (Revelation 18:4).

There is a familiar story about the monkey who stuck his hand in the cookie jar to get a cookie.  But he could not get the cookie out of the cookie jar because he was holding the cookie in hand, and the cook jar’s mouth was very narrow.  It was simple to put his empty hand in the jar, but it was difficult to pull his hand out with the cookie in his hand.  What was the monkey to do?  The monkey did not know he had to let go in order to be free!

Millions who proclaim to be followers of Jesus Christ are finding it quite difficult to release the things of this world.  Well, how can they, when preachers are preaching about prosperity?  The church has never been the same, since this get rich scheme “Name It and Claim It” prosperity gimmicks entered into God’s house.  How can a people with this type of thinking and teaching come out of the world, when all they are being taught is to live lavishly in the world?

God teaches the opposite in his Word.  “Come out of her.” God is calling his people out of the world.  Yes, we are called to labor in the world for the kingdom of God, by teaching and preaching the Gospel.  But we are forbidden to love the world or to embrace it.  “Be ye in the world, but not part of world.”  Christians are not called to conform to the world, but to be transformed, by the renewing of our minds!  Many are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, and they refuse to release the world’s cookie, to be free to serve the Lord as we were called to do.  “Where their treasure is, so is their heart.”  They have not been taught to walk away from the world.  They have been taught that the world is their piggy bank; and this is the only place to find happiness and prosperity.  True love, joy and peace is only found in Jesus Christ. Everything else is temporal and unfulfilling.

Christians who lust after the things of the world, the Word of God states: “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.  If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life it is not of the Father, but is of the world.” (1John 2:15). False teachings about “Name It and Claim It.” Is going to backfire for many followers of this erroneous teaching.  When Christians keep investing their paychecks, pension, social security and child support finances into these deceitful practices.  They are going to find out that this is not God’s doing, but a greedy and demonic human heart!  Greed is driving so many to keep their hand in the cookie jar and refuse to release the false riches!

What are the preachers who taught and teach worldly riches, going to do when they see the world around them collapsing?  What will be left to name and claim, and their prophetic word is proven to be a great lie? Worthless money, which is depreciating every day.  Worthless gold that will not fill their stomach’s when there is no food to buy.  Fine cars that have a high monthly note and beautiful homes with high mortgage payments and interest rates.  God said to his people “Come out of her my people that ye receive not of her plagues.”  Take your hand out of the cookie jar and live a humbled life.  If it is possible, owe no man.

This is about spiritual idolatry. The call for Christian to: “Love not the world.” God’s people have forsaken the true and living God.  The lust of the world has drawn the hearts of God’s people away from him. “And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever.” (I John 2:17). Many Christians’ minds and hearts are consumed with worldly pleasures, which will pass away.  We should be preparing our hearts to live in the presence of the Almighty God for eternity.  Too many have lost sight of their true calling and have been detoured and derailed by their lust for the world. Take your hand out of the cookie and return to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The wickedness of the world is very great.  The world has not only forsaken the true and living God, but has set up idols of false gods of bronze and stone and gold. Also, with the great body ink industry, now uses ink art on their bodies to worship their gods! Thereby, has now drawn all sorts of people into spiritual adultery, and by her wicked imagination, has retained them in her interest. Idolatry is the cookie in the cookie jar! Release it and come back to God.

Fair warning is given to all who have spiritual ears to hear from God.  They should come out of her, don’t be assisting in the destruction of the nation.  Take your hand out of the cookie jar! This is coming like the call to Lot before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah: “Up, get out of this place, for the Lord is about to destroy the city.”  (Genesis 19:12-14).

God’s people are being called out of the world and God has told us to stay where he has placed us. All those who are committed to partake with the wicked men in their sins will receive in their plagues.  This is in God’s Word that a man will reap what he sows. There will be no getting away from the fact that punishment surely follows sin.

Take your hand out of the cookie jar.  If you do not you are going to suffer with the world in famine, plagues, disease and death and mourning.  Put your hand in Jesus hand, he is able to take care of his people through the power of our Father, God the Almighty! Stay blessed!





Read Me: I Won’t Complain…Promise!


I Won’t Complain……Promise

I am an invisible soul watching the world from a quiet resting place. I witness the rich in all their flamboyance and privilege. How they spare no expense on their pleasures.  They have their mansions, elaborate cars, endless champagne fundraising dinners and tax breaks! Oh, how they love the spotlight and the attention the world gives to them.  They pass me by constantly, as I walk in their shadows and inhale the fragrance of high society in my nostrils.  I was not born to this privileged life, I say to myself.  There are no “Silverspoons” in my heritage, if so, they have been stolen, but “I won’t complain”.

Life in this world has proven to be tainted with falsities and empty promises.  In my invisible existence, I have sat among some very prominent souls and they have left me void of hope.  I have searched and searched for a reason to be happy in my existence, but I am always met with moral conflict, which causes me to retreat into my invisibility where it is safe, true and honest.  How I would like to show myself to the world, but I can’t.  They will not understand me and all that I see in their shadows.   The discourse that has shaped the multitudes is provocative and shameful.  I stay quiet in my invisibility, where I won’t complain.

The wealth of knowledge that I have acquired in my in quiet corner is staggering.  I have written it all down and categorized my findings during my invisibility in the world.  No one would ever guess in a thousand years, the truths that I have discovered.  I have written it all in my secret book. I have learned about laws, economics, family, friends and religion.  It all made sense when I put my collective studies together.  It took me years of pain and suffering to understand that true happiness will never be found without unconditional love.  I have seen millions proclaim they have found true love.  Only to see their claims die in utter destruction.  How is that possible?  How can true love betray itself, I wondered? So, the question I had to seek was, what is true love? It certainly was not in society because I have been among them too long, but I won’t complain.

How do I exist like this? It is a fair question to ask, since I have observed the worthlessness of this life. Well, in my sacred place, I have found true love. I had surely searched for it in the world and found nothing but pain.  I found love where it always is and was, it is in me! I searched my heart to its deepest core and I discovered some unseemly things there.  Love was being suffocated by worldly desires and all its falsities and empty promises of bliss.  Things that only brought me temporary happiness.  When I surrendered the world, love moved in and took over my heart and it made me glad! Some may say that I am a fool for not reaching for the “Brass Ring”. Why condemn others because they want to get the prize? The truth is, I am not condemning anyone.  I am warning everyone “All that glitters in not gold” I learned that by being invisible. If I can spare anyone a lifetime of deception, this is the truth! I say, “You can have the world, but give me Jesus” and I won’t complain!

Written by

Jessica L. Matthews


Let’s Suppose #6: Four Plagues Will Hit The Nation


Let’s suppose that our nation will be hit with four plagues. What will these four plagues be? The first, plague  will be war. The second plague will be famine. The third plague will be wild animals.  The fourth plague will be disease. Do you suppose, we as a nation will be able to be “RESILIENT” and endure these punishing plagues?

Can we suppose for a moment that the next war may be fought in this country?, War is now on our Nation’s soil.  Suppose the enemies within our nation wage a civil war at home.  It’s not unthinkable, because we have so many unsettling edgy issues to set such a scenario.

Consider our next plague by supposing that our nation is facing a major food shortage. Due to unusual climatic conditions, crops are being destroyed.  The grounds are not yielding fruits and vegetables and the farming has come to a halt.  The grocery stores are shut down and the government has depleted their granaries. The waters are polluted with oil and waste, which have killed most of the fish.  Pay attention to how many counties are drinking polluted water right now? Unexpectedly, hunting has been banned because all weapons have been confiscated by the government.

This is an unpredictable supposition, but wild animals are looking for food and killing humans for their next meal.  The animals are no longer killing each other to survive, they have turned their appetite’s to human flesh.  Suppose human beings are now at the top of the food chain, and we are hunted and killed like animals for food and sport.

We will sadly suppose that disease will kill the rest of those who have not be killed in war, or starved to death or eaten by wild animals.  The last plague will kill the rest of the survivors.  The nation is unable to produce enough medicine to stop the spreading of diseases.  Medical supplies have run out and people are dying all over the country! Every disease known and unknown to man is airborne.  Millions are crying out for relief, but there is no medicine and there is no cure.

I know.  You don’t suppose this can ever happen in this RESILIENT nation.  However, I would suppose that you turn to the book of Genesis and read about the “Great Flood.” They did not suppose either, and they all died, except eight souls.  God had mercy on them.  But I know that the God of Genesis is the same God of Revelation, who will have mercy on those who believe in  his Son, Jesus the Christ! Do you suppose God has changed since Genesis? I don’t suppose he has! He’s the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.” (Heb 13:8).



Let’s Suppose #5: Your Faith is Tried….Can You Endure?


There was a mother and her three sons who were arrested.  The ruler had them arrested and beaten to force them to deny Jesus and to convert to their religion.  Then one of her sons said to their abuser “Do you expect us to denounce our Lord and Savior by torturing us? Don’t you know that we would rather die than to denounce our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?  He has been too good to us and we know that he is all powerful and that we will live again”

The abuser became so exceedingly angry that he commanded that a great fire be started in a pit.  He told his fellow abuser to cut out the tongue of the one who refuse to accept their religion and to cut off his ears and poke out his eyes, while his mother and two brothers looked on.  After the young man had been reduced to a deplorable state the abuser order his fellow abusers to pour tar over his body and throw him into the blazing fire.

The first brother was dead and his abusers were rejoicing because he was dead.  The abuser demanded that the second brother be brought before him.  Once in his presence he told his fellow abusers, “Do as you please with him”.  They took lit torches and started burning his skin all over  his body.  The more they burned him the more his abusers laughed. But he would not give into their demands to convert to their religion.  Through his pain he said, “I will be resurrected and be with the Lord for all eternity.  I will suffer for the moment.  But you will be in eternal fire for eternity.”  They then took a sword and ran it through his heart and he died.

The last son was brought before his abuser and his abuser assured him if he would convert to his religion that he would spare his life.  The last son looked at his mother and said, “My dear mother, I thank you for every thing you have done for me.  I love you and I will see you in the resurrection.” The young then turned and look at the abuser and said, “This is my sacrifice to my Lord and I do not think for one moment that the Lord has forgotten us.  He is here with me right now.  But you my abuser, will not fair well when my God tortures you and your family and follower.”  They bashed a stone across his head and through him into the fire and he died.

Finally, the mother was brought before the abuser after watching her three sons die of such a miserable death.  This mother showed amazing strength and grace before her abuser.  The abuser tormented her more than all her sons put together. Before taking her last breath she said to her abuser, “God is the giver of life and he gave me life and know that he is able to raise me and my sons again.  I know that God is the creator of heaven and earth.  So who are you that I should dread this death? I will rise again in the name of Jesus the Christ.”  The mother then gave up the ghost and died and she was tossed into the blazing fire.

Let’s suppose that we are called to face this torment and to endure with faith until the end.  This is the call on our Christian lives.  Always remember that the Lord Jesus is always with us and he has the power to resurrect us and give us eternal life.  Do you suppose your faith you can endure this trial and persecution? Or will you say, “I know not the man.” I suppose all who are true to Jesus will endure!


Let’s Suppose #4: Food Prices will Rise by 75% in 2017!


Let’s suppose that food prices rise by 75% in 2017!  The price of a loaf of bread is $20 and a quart of milk is $22.  The cost of flour becomes $14 and our staple, eggs becomes $25 a dozen!  Fruits and vegetables are unavailable.  Our beloved snack foods, potato chips, pretzels, popcorn are raised to $40 dollars a bag.  How will we live without our snack foods…this is too much!  Of course, many are not taking this post seriously because you cannot image that this great nation, would ever be in need to this magnitude.  But let’s suppose that all the climatic conditions have caused a food shortage and we will face this actual scenario.

I went to the food market two days in a row, and the food prices ballooned in two days. This was before the loss of food and crops in the southern parts of our nation, due to Hurricane Matthew.  There have been flooding and droughts all around the United States.  But who is paying attention?  Oh, I know why no one is paying attention. Because the political scene has the nation distracted from the fact that starvation is at our door steps! I know it seems like, a once mighty nation could never suppose that its people will starve to death.  Well, I been watching the lines in Greece and Venezuela and it is possible for the unthinkable to happen in our great America.  Therefore, we should consider supposing.

I read a true story about this nation’s coming food shortage.  This story not only predicted about food shortage, or the lack thereof, but many other sorrowful events that will suddenly come upon this nation.  We never want to suppose any unhappy events.  We always want to be in a celebratory place.  According to this story, the party is over for this country.  As I continued to read about the great fall of a nation.  I realized it was referring to my once prosperous and beautiful nation.  It explained why these sorrowful events would happened, and I wept. All because we rejected our Benefactor and his great love for us.  We defiled everything that he called sacred and we turned our hearts to unholy things.  We bit the hand that feeds us we.  In so many words, we told him we no longer want to be governed under his rule. We reject him by our life styles and  our lustful desires to follow other gods!  He in turn has said to this nation, “I will take away your stay and your staff, your bread and your strength.” So my friends, when you are supposing what went wrong, Here’s the truth, I suppose the nation rejected the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Only the Lord Jesus has the power to save us and keep us!

“It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” (Psalms 118:8). Do you suppose?


Let’s Suppose #3: That What We Believe Is Real, Is Not Real


Let’s suppose that everything we read on the internet and watch on television and hear on the radio and read in the newspapers, are not the real truth.  Suppose we are being brainwashed to believe lies and act according to what we believe is true.  Is global warming true or not?  Will the 2016 election really take place.  Are Donald and Hillary really enemies or are they pretending to be enemies and they both have the same agenda? Are these two leading Americans in the direction they want us to go into? Total chaos! Are the banks really healthy or are they on a life support system and putting on a brave financial face? What’s really behind the Federal Reserve’s interest rate plans?  Will their interest be the best for the nation’s?  Why have Social Security not given a COLA increase for senior citizens in three years? Is it really because of the gas prices!!

Why fight each other on issues that we really do not have the true answers to?  We base reality on what we are feed by the media.  What’s real and who are those who are hiding the truth from us?  I suppose I am going to the true source for answers! I suppose that source is Jesus Christ. He is a truth giver and he is real.

Let’s Suppose #2: Everything you have ever done has been recorded


Let’s suppose that everything you have ever done from the womb has been recorded and archived.  Does this thought make the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Does the thought of someone in your most private life make you tremble?  Let’s suppose that every word you have spoken is available at the press of a button.  Your secret fears and your confidential pride in yourself.  What about the lewd behavior that you have done behind closed doors?  Let us not forget about the lies and slander and what ever else you have done.  Who would know these things? You might ask yourself.  In fact, you might even say, “There is no one on earth that could possibly know everything about me or any one else.  Then you decide this is foolishness and I will not even continue to read such a ridiculous post.

Well, I suppose it does appear to be foolishness because it’s not something you would to think about or even worry about. Besides there are more important things going on in the world.  Why waste your time with suppositions.  You have posts you read regularly and they are exciting and they don’t challenge you or make you uncomfortable.  So you will ignore this post and just go on your merry little way; and determine you will not even comment on this muck. But suppose your interest would change the very course of life.

However, one day I supposed that my  life has been recorded and archived.  I wanted to get hold of those records to see what has been written about me.  I know there are many things I would like to be erased from my records.  “But who can do such thing for me?” I asked myself.  Then, during my supposition the answer came to me.  “Come to Jesus and he will forgive you for all your sins and and clean your records and make you new” A sweet Spirit said to me.  I went to Jesus and asked him to forgive me for all my sins and and clean my record and he did that for me.  All the ugly recordings have been destroyed and even if someone brings up my old recordings, I know that God has forgiven me.  I suppose Jesus is the way the truth and the light. Do you suppose?