Let’s Suppose #2: Everything you have ever done has been recorded


Let’s suppose that everything you have ever done from the womb has been recorded and archived.  Does this thought make the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Does the thought of someone in your most private life make you tremble?  Let’s suppose that every word you have spoken is available at the press of a button.  Your secret fears and your confidential pride in yourself.  What about the lewd behavior that you have done behind closed doors?  Let us not forget about the lies and slander and what ever else you have done.  Who would know these things? You might ask yourself.  In fact, you might even say, “There is no one on earth that could possibly know everything about me or any one else.  Then you decide this is foolishness and I will not even continue to read such a ridiculous post.

Well, I suppose it does appear to be foolishness because it’s not something you would to think about or even worry about. Besides there are more important things going on in the world.  Why waste your time with suppositions.  You have posts you read regularly and they are exciting and they don’t challenge you or make you uncomfortable.  So you will ignore this post and just go on your merry little way; and determine you will not even comment on this muck. But suppose your interest would change the very course of life.

However, one day I supposed that my  life has been recorded and archived.  I wanted to get hold of those records to see what has been written about me.  I know there are many things I would like to be erased from my records.  “But who can do such thing for me?” I asked myself.  Then, during my supposition the answer came to me.  “Come to Jesus and he will forgive you for all your sins and and clean your records and make you new” A sweet Spirit said to me.  I went to Jesus and asked him to forgive me for all my sins and and clean my record and he did that for me.  All the ugly recordings have been destroyed and even if someone brings up my old recordings, I know that God has forgiven me.  I suppose Jesus is the way the truth and the light. Do you suppose?

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