Let’s Suppose #3: That What We Believe Is Real, Is Not Real


Let’s suppose that everything we read on the internet and watch on television and hear on the radio and read in the newspapers, are not the real truth.  Suppose we are being brainwashed to believe lies and act according to what we believe is true.  Is global warming true or not?  Will the 2016 election really take place.  Are Donald and Hillary really enemies or are they pretending to be enemies and they both have the same agenda? Are these two leading Americans in the direction they want us to go into? Total chaos! Are the banks really healthy or are they on a life support system and putting on a brave financial face? What’s really behind the Federal Reserve’s interest rate plans?  Will their interest be the best for the nation’s?  Why have Social Security not given a COLA increase for senior citizens in three years? Is it really because of the gas prices!!

Why fight each other on issues that we really do not have the true answers to?  We base reality on what we are feed by the media.  What’s real and who are those who are hiding the truth from us?  I suppose I am going to the true source for answers! I suppose that source is Jesus Christ. He is a truth giver and he is real.

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