Let’s Suppose #4: Food Prices will Rise by 75% in 2017!


Let’s suppose that food prices rise by 75% in 2017!  The price of a loaf of bread is $20 and a quart of milk is $22.  The cost of flour becomes $14 and our staple, eggs becomes $25 a dozen!  Fruits and vegetables are unavailable.  Our beloved snack foods, potato chips, pretzels, popcorn are raised to $40 dollars a bag.  How will we live without our snack foods…this is too much!  Of course, many are not taking this post seriously because you cannot image that this great nation, would ever be in need to this magnitude.  But let’s suppose that all the climatic conditions have caused a food shortage and we will face this actual scenario.

I went to the food market two days in a row, and the food prices ballooned in two days. This was before the loss of food and crops in the southern parts of our nation, due to Hurricane Matthew.  There have been flooding and droughts all around the United States.  But who is paying attention?  Oh, I know why no one is paying attention. Because the political scene has the nation distracted from the fact that starvation is at our door steps! I know it seems like, a once mighty nation could never suppose that its people will starve to death.  Well, I been watching the lines in Greece and Venezuela and it is possible for the unthinkable to happen in our great America.  Therefore, we should consider supposing.

I read a true story about this nation’s coming food shortage.  This story not only predicted about food shortage, or the lack thereof, but many other sorrowful events that will suddenly come upon this nation.  We never want to suppose any unhappy events.  We always want to be in a celebratory place.  According to this story, the party is over for this country.  As I continued to read about the great fall of a nation.  I realized it was referring to my once prosperous and beautiful nation.  It explained why these sorrowful events would happened, and I wept. All because we rejected our Benefactor and his great love for us.  We defiled everything that he called sacred and we turned our hearts to unholy things.  We bit the hand that feeds us we.  In so many words, we told him we no longer want to be governed under his rule. We reject him by our life styles and  our lustful desires to follow other gods!  He in turn has said to this nation, “I will take away your stay and your staff, your bread and your strength.” So my friends, when you are supposing what went wrong, Here’s the truth, I suppose the nation rejected the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Only the Lord Jesus has the power to save us and keep us!

“It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” (Psalms 118:8). Do you suppose?


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