Let’s Suppose #5: Your Faith is Tried….Can You Endure?


There was a mother and her three sons who were arrested.  The ruler had them arrested and beaten to force them to deny Jesus and to convert to their religion.  Then one of her sons said to their abuser “Do you expect us to denounce our Lord and Savior by torturing us? Don’t you know that we would rather die than to denounce our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?  He has been too good to us and we know that he is all powerful and that we will live again”

The abuser became so exceedingly angry that he commanded that a great fire be started in a pit.  He told his fellow abuser to cut out the tongue of the one who refuse to accept their religion and to cut off his ears and poke out his eyes, while his mother and two brothers looked on.  After the young man had been reduced to a deplorable state the abuser order his fellow abusers to pour tar over his body and throw him into the blazing fire.

The first brother was dead and his abusers were rejoicing because he was dead.  The abuser demanded that the second brother be brought before him.  Once in his presence he told his fellow abusers, “Do as you please with him”.  They took lit torches and started burning his skin all over  his body.  The more they burned him the more his abusers laughed. But he would not give into their demands to convert to their religion.  Through his pain he said, “I will be resurrected and be with the Lord for all eternity.  I will suffer for the moment.  But you will be in eternal fire for eternity.”  They then took a sword and ran it through his heart and he died.

The last son was brought before his abuser and his abuser assured him if he would convert to his religion that he would spare his life.  The last son looked at his mother and said, “My dear mother, I thank you for every thing you have done for me.  I love you and I will see you in the resurrection.” The young then turned and look at the abuser and said, “This is my sacrifice to my Lord and I do not think for one moment that the Lord has forgotten us.  He is here with me right now.  But you my abuser, will not fair well when my God tortures you and your family and follower.”  They bashed a stone across his head and through him into the fire and he died.

Finally, the mother was brought before the abuser after watching her three sons die of such a miserable death.  This mother showed amazing strength and grace before her abuser.  The abuser tormented her more than all her sons put together. Before taking her last breath she said to her abuser, “God is the giver of life and he gave me life and know that he is able to raise me and my sons again.  I know that God is the creator of heaven and earth.  So who are you that I should dread this death? I will rise again in the name of Jesus the Christ.”  The mother then gave up the ghost and died and she was tossed into the blazing fire.

Let’s suppose that we are called to face this torment and to endure with faith until the end.  This is the call on our Christian lives.  Always remember that the Lord Jesus is always with us and he has the power to resurrect us and give us eternal life.  Do you suppose your faith you can endure this trial and persecution? Or will you say, “I know not the man.” I suppose all who are true to Jesus will endure!


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