Let’s Suppose #6: Four Plagues Will Hit The Nation


Let’s suppose that our nation will be hit with four plagues. What will these four plagues be? The first, plague  will be war. The second plague will be famine. The third plague will be wild animals.  The fourth plague will be disease. Do you suppose, we as a nation will be able to be “RESILIENT” and endure these punishing plagues?

Can we suppose for a moment that the next war may be fought in this country?, War is now on our Nation’s soil.  Suppose the enemies within our nation wage a civil war at home.  It’s not unthinkable, because we have so many unsettling edgy issues to set such a scenario.

Consider our next plague by supposing that our nation is facing a major food shortage. Due to unusual climatic conditions, crops are being destroyed.  The grounds are not yielding fruits and vegetables and the farming has come to a halt.  The grocery stores are shut down and the government has depleted their granaries. The waters are polluted with oil and waste, which have killed most of the fish.  Pay attention to how many counties are drinking polluted water right now? Unexpectedly, hunting has been banned because all weapons have been confiscated by the government.

This is an unpredictable supposition, but wild animals are looking for food and killing humans for their next meal.  The animals are no longer killing each other to survive, they have turned their appetite’s to human flesh.  Suppose human beings are now at the top of the food chain, and we are hunted and killed like animals for food and sport.

We will sadly suppose that disease will kill the rest of those who have not be killed in war, or starved to death or eaten by wild animals.  The last plague will kill the rest of the survivors.  The nation is unable to produce enough medicine to stop the spreading of diseases.  Medical supplies have run out and people are dying all over the country! Every disease known and unknown to man is airborne.  Millions are crying out for relief, but there is no medicine and there is no cure.

I know.  You don’t suppose this can ever happen in this RESILIENT nation.  However, I would suppose that you turn to the book of Genesis and read about the “Great Flood.” They did not suppose either, and they all died, except eight souls.  God had mercy on them.  But I know that the God of Genesis is the same God of Revelation, who will have mercy on those who believe in  his Son, Jesus the Christ! Do you suppose God has changed since Genesis? I don’t suppose he has! He’s the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.” (Heb 13:8).



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