True Freedom Comes From Within

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Our earthen vessels have stood in many battles for what we call freedom. It is the earthen vessel that wants to do as it pleases.  It wants full control of the spirit and the soul.  What ever the body desires it will fight for and kill for and die for.  It has labeled its efforts “The Fight For Freedom”.  Freedom to do what? What does the flesh want the freedom to do? It wants the freedom to rule the holy principles of the soul and spirit.

I have been watching people march for freedom and kill for freedom.  Even when we think we have won freedom for our earthen vessels, we are still prisoners to the laws of man.  We are prisoners to compromise.  There is no absolute freedom when one cannot express what is deep down in their heart without being persecuted.  There are always restrictions on worldly freedom.  There is only one place where absolute freedom can be truly liberating and that is within ones own heart.

In my heart, I am free to love or hate whom ever and whatever I choose.  I can laugh and rejoice and praise my God, and there is no one to stop me.  I can withdraw from the world and live in the presence of a holy spiritual bliss without any fear.  This freedom bring me to a place of total serenity.  The freedom within assures me that I can invite love and all that is good to live within me and comfort me.

This earthen vessel has a short life span and it spends most of its  time and energy on freedoms that will eventual destroy it.  The flesh wants more and more, it is never satisfied.  It drives itself to ruins, adoring itself and trying to stay youthful as it is rapidly decaying.  The freedoms that were fort for so fiercely did not bring inner freedom or contentment.  The passion freedoms only brings on weariness to the soul.

True freedom is found in the heart of a righteous person.  A place where the Holy Spirit abides through Jesus Christ.  This is the temple of God, who is Holy, and makes believers holy because of his presence.  He frees our souls from all hunger for worldly pleasures; and he satisfies us with a freedom that the world did not give us and the world can not take it away.  We are safe and free no  matter what is going on in the world.  We know, with a blessed peace that the Lord is our strength and our guide and protector.  Even when the worse of times are present, we have an assurance that we will always be safe and free in Christ.  When the Lord has set you free, you are free indeed! This is the freedom that last for eternity.


I Know Why They Hate Me!


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“And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father” (John 16:3).

What makes siblings behave so differently from one another?  We are taught the same values as children by our parents.  We are taught the same rules by which our parents govern the home.  Yet, for some reason there is almost always a wayward child!  One that strays and ends up on the darkside, while the other child or children land in the path of light.

The dark child is the resentful child, always disagreeable and unmanageable and head strong, willful and defiant.  While the child of light is approachable, cooperative, obedient, careful, teachable and respectful.  But they are both taught and trained in the same household in the same manner.

What is the point of separation?  Why have there been two different paths taken?  Why does the family hate the children of light and tolerate the children of darkness?

“I now know why they hate me!”  In order for me to understand relationships between siblings, I had to go back to the book of beginnings, Genesis, to observe the relationship between Cain and Abel.  The first two brothers recorded in the Bible.  Their parents were Adam and Eve of the bible, and these two is the cause of the “Fall” of humanity and brought sin into the world.  So, it is safe to say that they were not perfect parents.

However, they knew God the Creator and as a result, they taught their sons about God.  The sons knew God the Father because God had spoken to Cain on several occasions. Abel was a Shepherd and a possessor of flocks and herds, Cain was a tiller of the ground.  It was not occupation that parted these first two brothers in the world, but their conception of what was pleasing and acceptable to God.

Consequently, Cain’s conception of what was pleasing to God was completely wrong!  He refused to honor and embrace the Sovereignty of God.  Cain did not develop in his mind and heart what God required of him.  It did not matter what God thought was holy only what he desired mattered to Cain.

Abel on the other hand, was about the things of God.  He listened to his parents regarding the sovereignty of God.  He followed all the laws and he loved God and honored him.  He was quite different from his brother. Abel was not selfish or self-serving.  He was meek and giving and obedient.

Those who are willful and defiantly always disobey God’s warnings!  When a righteous person warns a disobedient person, there is a hatred that divides them. Why? Why did Abel please God and Cain did not?  Why did Cain hate Abel so much that he killed him?

Abel feared God and because he did, he offered to God the best of his flock.  His was a sacrifice of blood and it represented the surrender of his heart to God.  Can brought what he had gathered from the earth, an offering representing his own fleshly efforts. God was pleased with Abel’s sacrifice and accepted it, but not Cain’s offering.  It is because God was not pleased with Cain that Cain killed his brother.

How many times have the righteous offered their best to God, and as a result God blessed them and smiled upon them and their ministry?  While the unrighteous offered their own efforts before God and he was pleased with them and rejected their offering.  Resulting in persecution of the unrighteous attacking and trying to destroy the righteous.

Abel was faithful to God the Father and his conception of God’s commandments were understood in his heart.  Cain did not conceive the commandments of God in his heart.  Cain conceived Satan’s commandments. Here we have two different concepts of God’s commandments.  The same words were spoken to both brothers, with one understanding the righteousness of God and the other refusing to understand the concepts of God. “Where there is no vision, the people perish, but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” (Proverbs 29:18).

Jesus told his disciples when he sent the out on errands, that they might sit down and count the cost.  He told them to expect the world’s hatred; now they are experiencing the venom of the world for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He gives them a reason why he alarmed them with the expectation of trouble.  “These things I have spoken unto you that you should not be offended or scandalized.”

Our Lord Jesus, by giving us notice of trouble, designed to take off the terror of it, that it might not be a surprise to us. Of all the adversaries of our peace in this world of troubles, no insult is more violent, nor put our soldiers of Christ into disorder, than disappointment. He foretells what they should suffer. “Those that have power to do it will put you out of the churches and this is not the worst, ‘they will kill you.’”  You will find them cruel, you will be a sheep for the slaughter.  You will be killed under the character of being God’s enemy; but there will be a resurrection of names as well as of bodies on that great day.

Many pretend to know God and are wretchedly ignorant of him. “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” (2 Timothy 3:4).  Those who pretend to do Christ service thought they knew him, but it was a wrong conception they had of Christ.  “Not everyone that saith unto, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 7:21).  Those who are ignorant of Christ cannot have any right knowledge of God.  In vain men pretend to know God and faith and slight Christ and Christianity.

Then they hate you because you are different from them and making progress on your Christian journey.  They do everything they can to undermine your work for the Lord.  They challenge everything you do!  They slander your name and call you evil. “I know why they hate me.” Because Christ said they would hate us for his name sake.  Simply because we walk in the righteousness of God and shone evil.




In the sixties there was a slang term, “Jive Turkey!” When it was used, it was a phrase that informed the storyteller that what they was saying was not accepted as the truth! In other words, it was a cool way of telling someone that they were lying or that they were a liar! I am hearing and seeing so many Jive Turkeys who have made unfulfilled promises.  How do we identify the Jive Turkeys?

First, the Jive Turkey will bounce around and point their finger randomly and tell you to “look” here and “look” there and we will see nothing but emptiness. The Jive Turkey tells us to image this or that, while conjuring up more fables to spend.  They tell tales of great guarantees and grandeur.  They make their subjects stand still and take notice of their ability express their views and visions! The listeners are in the clutch of the Jive Turkey as they continue to spin a great yarn.

Second, this illustrious and somewhat believable Jive Turkey invites the listeners to engage in his grand promises of hugeness.  By now the listeners are totally convinced that there is nothing too great for the Jive Turkey, because he has demonstrated such confidence and certainty. How could it be possible for any proposition to fail according to this great talebearer?  There is no suspicion by the listeners that the Jive Turkey is just good at stuffing and stringing his listeners along with gravy.

Third, there are a hosts of supporters for the Jive Turkey.  These are other Jive Turkey joining him in his fabrications, which will convince the listeners that he is legitimate; and he is quite true to them, and there is nothing that can stop him from succeeding in all that he has told them.  The other Jive Turkeys are placed in positions to support and rallying around the great farce.

Fourth, when holes are found in the Jive Turkey’s tales he dismisses them as nothing! “It was just a hiccup do not worry because it is not important.”  He says, “Oh don’t pay those people any attention, I know what I’m doing.  They are just haters who don’t want me to succeed.  Let’s keep going and ignore them. We are doing perfect, trust me!”

Finally, the ending of the yarns of a Jive Turkey, is that he will be found out in the end.  The listeners are going to start seeing that the holes in his declarations are far greater than they were led to believe.  The tales that were whitewashed will begin to erode and the truth of the Jive Turkey will be clear.  Unfortunately, by the time the listeners realize that they have been misled, it will be too late.  The listeners will realize that they have been fed insincere and impossible promises. In the famous words of Fannie Lou Hamer: “NOBODY IS FREE UNTIL EVERYBODY IS FREE.”  In the famous words of Jesus Christ: ‘A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND!”





“Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18)

Pride is defined as a high opinion of oneself, exaggerated self-esteem, conceited, haughty behavior, which is the result of pride.  Delight in one’s own achievements. Being the best of a class, group or society.

A group or a family of lions are called a Pride. The mighty fall of lions in the world. The elite, the privileged, the wealthy the secret societies, you figured it out! So, high opinion of oneself, and an exaggerated self-esteem and conceit goes before destruction.

The cause of their destruction is their incapability of producing the results that one had promised.  One is not as great as one thought one was.  The prideful one has come to the understanding he cannot stop the rain from falling, or stop the rivers from flowing.  He cannot cap the volcano from erupting.  He cannot stop the rain from falling in a weary and dry land.  He has to surrender to the mighty forces against him. When a prideful person admits and concedes defeat, then destruction comes according to the words of wisdom. “Pride goeth before destruction.”

When a leader stands before the people and acknowledge that he cannot solve the problems of famine, war, natural disasters, diseases and wild animals, destruction becomes a reality because there is no more hope!

Now, arrogant spirits caves, it implodes and fear sets in the heart, and shame of defeat and then one falls down and beats his chest.

“And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks ‘Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb’” (Rev. 6:15-16).

God sent prophets to warn our nation to repent. He told many prophets to write it down, so they can read their doom, which means what is written it is irreversible! We have had so many warning and the nation refuse to turn to God. The destruction of a once great nation is in progress!

In the shape of men they had the cruelty of lions; (pride). Millions are being robbed without a gun by the pride of lions in government. They are under no apprehensions of danger from any: though nobody loved them, everyone feared them, and that was the all they desired. “Let them hate, so that they do but fear.”

It is vowed by the righteous Judge of heaven and earth; it is his doing, and let all the world take notice that is it so,

“He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife, but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat.  He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool; but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered.” (Proverbs 28:25-26).





The crowd, without any true knowledge of their demise, are jubilantly praising their chosen new ruler of darkness; as the confetti and the red, white and blue balloons are praising their decorated deceiver of the truth. There are people in the crowd screaming while waving their hands in the air, and firmly hugging one another because they believe THIS ELECTION is more important than their eternal souls. They are not aware that they have just ushered in a darkness like they have never seen before.  The time will come when these very same people will curse the day that they ever registered to be a part of this political monstrosity! It is not clear to them because they do not have the spiritual eyes to see that this new ruler is incarnate with a spiritual darkness; and that this new ruler sole purpose is to destroy all spiritual righteousness and to usher in a “New World Order”. It will be too late, when we see the confetti falling and the red, white and blue balloons declaring that civilization as we once knew it in this country is no more!

Yes, it appears as just another election, but the truth is, the prince of darkness and the demons of hell and the evil spirits are rejoicing and celebrating this victory.  Why? Because this is what they had been planning for a very long time. This is the prince’s greatest opportunity to wage a holy war against God’s people to destroy all that is holy and good in the world. Systematically and with delicate precision the Principalities in High Places have dismantled the Constitution of the United States right in the present of their loyal blind followers.  This deep blindness has opened an unethical portal for every negative force of evil to promote wicked passions in a man’s soul.  What was once righteousness will be called prejudice and what was once called unrighteousness will be the norm.

People of deep religious faith are called by the law of the land to deny their faith and to embrace a lie; to avoid a backlash from the law and boycotts from demonic establishments.  Many have already surrender the truth for a lie to maintain their businesses and their way of life.  Religious leaders are called upon by the government not to preach the truth because it is unlawful, so what does that mean? It means that the freedom of religion is no more! It has been hijacked by the Principalities in High Places.  The religious leaders are warned if you do not comply and accept our new laws, we will take away your tax exempt status. Our religion and morals are castrated by spiritual wicked. As a result, many religious leaders have ceased to preach the truth out of fear of government retaliation.  The response of many religious leaders is to surrender and give up on their faith.  The faith that they professed before God and said they believe, “Greater is He who in me, that he that is in the world.”  When the religious leaders comply with the demands of the Principalities in High Places for a morsel of bread, they have publicly denounced the God that they say they love and serve. This is what is known in my bible, “The falling away.

I believe in law and order, but only if it applies to everyone in the same way.  The law should not be implemented according to the needs of the Principalities in High Places.  But unfortunately, this is the case!  The law is applied according to the will of the Principalities in High Place.  Why are politicians, celebrities, and the wealthy and rich criminals walking around free, and petty criminals are given a life sentence for a minor offence? The penal system is one of the Principalities in High Places greatest works!  It can reach out and accuse anyone it wants to shut down and muzzle.  It’s their weapon against those who will not conform to the “New World Order” which will be nearly complete after the new leader is installed.

This nation of ours will never return to the greatness she once was, no matter how much money is spent trying to convince us otherwise.  We cannot return from the depths of injustice, environmental abuse, moral and ethical deterioration. We have descended too far and on the way down, this nation has lost its faith in God, who is and has always been our benefactor.  This nation has offended God because it has embraced a lawless ruler, and continually reach for the Principalities in High Places.  Because of this nation’s ungratefulness toward God’s providence, mercy and grace.  God will turn this nation over to the Principalities in High Places, to pay for its hideous acts of unrepentive sins.  This is what the majority has been calling for “Give us a new leader who will not judge us.  Let us live as we please, free to our own devices.”  Well, be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.  I know in this matter, God has turned this nation over to the “Darkside” where there will be much sorrow and regret.  Remember, this is what this nation voted for!

However, there is always hope for those of us who reject in our heart, the New World Order. We will continue to embrace the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Only those who have kept his commandments and kept their faith in our Lord Jesus, will be able to survive in the chaos that will continue to destroy this once great nation. I know, many are jeering and reacting with hate.  But for those of you who know that I am telling the truth, God be with you and may OUR LORD strengthen you in the challenging days ahead.  Kept the faith and do all to stand in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

Social Unrest!


“Behold, we count them happy which endure.  Ye have heard of Job’s patience, and you know how the Lord provided for him in the end, for the Lord is full of mercy and compassion.”  (James 5:11) (GNB).

I keep asking myself, how long will it be before people are going to just cut loose and began to erupt?  How much more can people endure?  The level of social and governmental abuse is at a disturbing zenith! What will be the straw that will break the camel’s back? Will it be war, earthquakes, famine or disease?  Our nation is on a collision course to social unrest and destruction.  How much more will the nation endure?

However, you would not know all of this by the way people are carrying on.  The populous are still going to baseball, basketball and football games; and attending all types of festivals and parades and gaieties. There is no expectation of the coming of the Lord.

“And as is was in the days of Noah so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.  They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.” (Luke 17:26-27).

Social Unrest – How close are we before the rain starts falling? Noah kept preparing for the flood because he believed God.  There is a social passion that is blazing.  There is a damn on the verge of breaking. Hatred is being revealed every day by the haves and the have nots.  Racism is at a peak.  The laws are breaking down and those who are called to implement the laws are breaking them!  There is a cry for social justice, which is always promised but never delivered. Will justice ever be established?  According the scriptures, the answer is no!  Because man’s heart is evil and does not know justice or righteousness apart from God. How can we bear up under this oppression?

In the letter of James 5, James has no doubt of the nearness of the coming of Christ. “The judge is at the door.” (Matt 7:1). But it so happened that Jesus did not come in their generation, therefore the people began to move further away from God.  Many throw their faith in the dirt and decided that God is not real and they would make their own way.  Much like millions are doing today.  They have made their own gods and religion.  They believe God is not in fashion, that God is obsolete! How unfortunate for those who believe this, for they will not endure until the end! The God in Genesis is the same God in Revelation!

The riots and destruction are coming without question. Many choose to ignore the signs and to do business as usual.  The Word of God tells his people this destruction throughout the scriptures. Those who believe in the Lord Jesus will be led by the Spirit of God. The multitudes will endure the judgment that God will release on the nation for disobedience.   God is a good and merciful God.  However, he is also a God of judgment and even in his judgment, he is merciful to those who repent and follow his commands. The call to repentance has been preached for generations.  The time has come for God to remind us that is he still God!

There are many who are wondering if I believe in Jesus because I write of such dooms!  Well, I have been given a gift.  It is the gift of prophecy.  I did not ask for it, the Holy Spirit gave me this amazing gift to foresee.  I will never apologize for my gift because it is a blessing. Although I am hated for the things I have to proclaim, it is my blessing nevertheless.  I have been sounding the alarm for Christians to take cover in Christ, so that they may endure these coming wrathful days ahead. I am doing what the Lord requires of me.  I pray that you will take heed.

The Future of Silver and Gold Investments


“They will throw their gold and sliver away in the streets like garbage, because neither silver nor gold can save them when the Lord pours out his fury.  They cannot use it to satisfy their desires or fill their stomachs.  Gold and silver led them into sin.  Once they were proud of their beautiful jewels, but they used them to make disgusting idols.   That is why the Lord has made their wealth repulsive to them.  I will let foreigners rob them, says the Lord, and lawbreakers will take all their wealth and defile it.” (Ezk. 7:19-21 (GNB)