The crowd, without any true knowledge of their demise, are jubilantly praising their chosen new ruler of darkness; as the confetti and the red, white and blue balloons are praising their decorated deceiver of the truth. There are people in the crowd screaming while waving their hands in the air, and firmly hugging one another because they believe THIS ELECTION is more important than their eternal souls. They are not aware that they have just ushered in a darkness like they have never seen before.  The time will come when these very same people will curse the day that they ever registered to be a part of this political monstrosity! It is not clear to them because they do not have the spiritual eyes to see that this new ruler is incarnate with a spiritual darkness; and that this new ruler sole purpose is to destroy all spiritual righteousness and to usher in a “New World Order”. It will be too late, when we see the confetti falling and the red, white and blue balloons declaring that civilization as we once knew it in this country is no more!

Yes, it appears as just another election, but the truth is, the prince of darkness and the demons of hell and the evil spirits are rejoicing and celebrating this victory.  Why? Because this is what they had been planning for a very long time. This is the prince’s greatest opportunity to wage a holy war against God’s people to destroy all that is holy and good in the world. Systematically and with delicate precision the Principalities in High Places have dismantled the Constitution of the United States right in the present of their loyal blind followers.  This deep blindness has opened an unethical portal for every negative force of evil to promote wicked passions in a man’s soul.  What was once righteousness will be called prejudice and what was once called unrighteousness will be the norm.

People of deep religious faith are called by the law of the land to deny their faith and to embrace a lie; to avoid a backlash from the law and boycotts from demonic establishments.  Many have already surrender the truth for a lie to maintain their businesses and their way of life.  Religious leaders are called upon by the government not to preach the truth because it is unlawful, so what does that mean? It means that the freedom of religion is no more! It has been hijacked by the Principalities in High Places.  The religious leaders are warned if you do not comply and accept our new laws, we will take away your tax exempt status. Our religion and morals are castrated by spiritual wicked. As a result, many religious leaders have ceased to preach the truth out of fear of government retaliation.  The response of many religious leaders is to surrender and give up on their faith.  The faith that they professed before God and said they believe, “Greater is He who in me, that he that is in the world.”  When the religious leaders comply with the demands of the Principalities in High Places for a morsel of bread, they have publicly denounced the God that they say they love and serve. This is what is known in my bible, “The falling away.

I believe in law and order, but only if it applies to everyone in the same way.  The law should not be implemented according to the needs of the Principalities in High Places.  But unfortunately, this is the case!  The law is applied according to the will of the Principalities in High Place.  Why are politicians, celebrities, and the wealthy and rich criminals walking around free, and petty criminals are given a life sentence for a minor offence? The penal system is one of the Principalities in High Places greatest works!  It can reach out and accuse anyone it wants to shut down and muzzle.  It’s their weapon against those who will not conform to the “New World Order” which will be nearly complete after the new leader is installed.

This nation of ours will never return to the greatness she once was, no matter how much money is spent trying to convince us otherwise.  We cannot return from the depths of injustice, environmental abuse, moral and ethical deterioration. We have descended too far and on the way down, this nation has lost its faith in God, who is and has always been our benefactor.  This nation has offended God because it has embraced a lawless ruler, and continually reach for the Principalities in High Places.  Because of this nation’s ungratefulness toward God’s providence, mercy and grace.  God will turn this nation over to the Principalities in High Places, to pay for its hideous acts of unrepentive sins.  This is what the majority has been calling for “Give us a new leader who will not judge us.  Let us live as we please, free to our own devices.”  Well, be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.  I know in this matter, God has turned this nation over to the “Darkside” where there will be much sorrow and regret.  Remember, this is what this nation voted for!

However, there is always hope for those of us who reject in our heart, the New World Order. We will continue to embrace the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Only those who have kept his commandments and kept their faith in our Lord Jesus, will be able to survive in the chaos that will continue to destroy this once great nation. I know, many are jeering and reacting with hate.  But for those of you who know that I am telling the truth, God be with you and may OUR LORD strengthen you in the challenging days ahead.  Kept the faith and do all to stand in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

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