In the sixties there was a slang term, “Jive Turkey!” When it was used, it was a phrase that informed the storyteller that what they was saying was not accepted as the truth! In other words, it was a cool way of telling someone that they were lying or that they were a liar! I am hearing and seeing so many Jive Turkeys who have made unfulfilled promises.  How do we identify the Jive Turkeys?

First, the Jive Turkey will bounce around and point their finger randomly and tell you to “look” here and “look” there and we will see nothing but emptiness. The Jive Turkey tells us to image this or that, while conjuring up more fables to spend.  They tell tales of great guarantees and grandeur.  They make their subjects stand still and take notice of their ability express their views and visions! The listeners are in the clutch of the Jive Turkey as they continue to spin a great yarn.

Second, this illustrious and somewhat believable Jive Turkey invites the listeners to engage in his grand promises of hugeness.  By now the listeners are totally convinced that there is nothing too great for the Jive Turkey, because he has demonstrated such confidence and certainty. How could it be possible for any proposition to fail according to this great talebearer?  There is no suspicion by the listeners that the Jive Turkey is just good at stuffing and stringing his listeners along with gravy.

Third, there are a hosts of supporters for the Jive Turkey.  These are other Jive Turkey joining him in his fabrications, which will convince the listeners that he is legitimate; and he is quite true to them, and there is nothing that can stop him from succeeding in all that he has told them.  The other Jive Turkeys are placed in positions to support and rallying around the great farce.

Fourth, when holes are found in the Jive Turkey’s tales he dismisses them as nothing! “It was just a hiccup do not worry because it is not important.”  He says, “Oh don’t pay those people any attention, I know what I’m doing.  They are just haters who don’t want me to succeed.  Let’s keep going and ignore them. We are doing perfect, trust me!”

Finally, the ending of the yarns of a Jive Turkey, is that he will be found out in the end.  The listeners are going to start seeing that the holes in his declarations are far greater than they were led to believe.  The tales that were whitewashed will begin to erode and the truth of the Jive Turkey will be clear.  Unfortunately, by the time the listeners realize that they have been misled, it will be too late.  The listeners will realize that they have been fed insincere and impossible promises. In the famous words of Fannie Lou Hamer: “NOBODY IS FREE UNTIL EVERYBODY IS FREE.”  In the famous words of Jesus Christ: ‘A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND!”



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