Beyond the Sky


By Jessica L. Matthews

My quest for true peace and true love is “Beyond the Sky.”  I have searched this earthly realm and I have not found a true place to rest my heart securely.  I have explored daily on this earth for true love and peace and I have not found it.  When I consider something that remotely resembles something or someone that looks like true peace and true love, it is never true.  The world’s representation of these beautiful spirits leave me apprehensive.  Earthly peace and love draws its support back and balls up its fist and punches me with so much disappointment and regret.  But when I rise above the earth and Beyond the Sky, I find unconditional peace and love that is greater than infinity.  This is where I find my hope and my strength, Beyond the Sky.

The power of heaven has disclosed its riches to those who pursue true peace and true love Beyond the Sky. There are rich fountains of living waters, flowing for those who seek first the kingdom of heaven, which is the sanctuary of peace and love.  Her spiritual minerals are nourishments for the spirit and soul.  The sweetness of her libations is so powerful that is gives one an overflowing peace and love that lifts ones heart to a place of Holy Peace and  Holy Love that the world cannot comprehend.  I have found this place Beyond the Sky and I drink from its fountains of peace and love each and every day.

Come and be illuminated those of you who are thirsty for true peace and true love.  Render your heart Beyond the Sky and throw away the limp and crippled ideals of earthly peace and earthly love.  Earthly love is conditional and unsustaining.  Come and drink the Holy water Beyond the Sky.  It is unpolluted and pure of godliness and has  the sweet take righteousness.  There is no other fountain like this thirst quencher Beyond the Sky.

Once you have found this Holy fountain of pure peace and love, you will be able to do a holy work on the earth to bring others Beyond the Sky.  One must drink of the holy water daily to enjoy true peace and true love.  It is impossible to do the kingdom work without looking Beyond the Sky.  The earth’s fountains will cast you down if you seek it and drink from it for peace and love.  The earth will destroy your very soul.  The earth does not have Holy spiritual authority to ignite the spiritual governance that the heavens possess to empower your spirit.

Beyond the Sky is a place of blessedness and assurance of restoration for your weariness from earthly battles.  Come and indulge your heart in the fountain of holiness that springs from Jesus Christ our Lord.  He is the living source of the fruits of the Spirit.  However, only a few find it.  Because the path is narrow; and you must enter in through the narrow gate.  It is possible, if you really seek it with reverence and fully recognize the power of the Holy Spirit, only then will you be permitted to enter the fountain of true peace and true love that is Beyond the Sky.

Written by Jessica L. Matthews


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