“Can two walk together, except they agreed?” (Amos 3:3).

Simple right? No, it’s not simple.  If you have ever used coloring paint before, we have learned, that when you mix the black paint with the white paint, you get gray.  The color gray does not exist without these two colors blended together, which makes gray undefined.  It is neither black nor white.  Now the shade of gray can vary based on the balance of black or white paint that is incorporated.  There can be a light gray or a dark gray. Depending on how much of the two colors are blended in.  How can we tell how much of black or white is used in this GRAY MATTER?  I suppose we can find the answer when two people attempt to walk together for a common goal.  In this case, the goal is RIGHTEOUSNESS!

While we now have the analogy of the paint mixtures of black and white. Let’s now use this analogy on Christians’ walking together.  For example, there are many different ministries established in the Body of Christ, which we are invited to support and join.  “Are all apostles?  Are all prophets?  Are all teachers? Are all workers of miracles?  Have all the gifts of healing?  Do all speak with tongues?  Do all interpret?” (I Cor. 12:29-30).  Although we are all members in the BODY OF CHRIST, each office has a different function. Thereby, each member will operate toward the same goal in with different abilities/gifts, yet to the same end.  It is true that each member is instituted in the BODY of CHRIST to fulfill the SALVATION PLAN of God. However, the feet cannot call the eyes to walk, or the eyes call the feet to see. The essential point is that each member performs its function in clarity or in black and white and not in A GRAY MATTER, an undefined action, which causes confusion.  If the eyes are trying to walk, then that becomes an abomination and causes a discord in the BODY of CHRIST. Thereby, there is no agreement and no advancement toward THE GREAT COMMISSION.

Moreover, there are countless ministries seeking members that we know very little or nothing at all about them. Yet, these ministry groups are soliciting with the promises of financial gain and prosperity at the expense of new member’s reputations and financial support.  These GRAY MATTER ministries, have devised their own bylaws and membership qualifications and standards.  What the potential member is presented with is the name of JESUS. Of course, we know that people use the name of the Lord in VAIN, so we still can’t be sure of the operation of the ministry. It’s not always black and white, in other words, DEFINED!  These type of ministries are often times GRAY and undefined and a mixture of LIGHT AND DARKNESS.  These kinds of GRAY MATTER ministries hinders the walk toward God’s SALVATION PLAN.  Nevertheless, we are invited to engage in A GRAY MATTER ministry. We are not given a black and white clarity, only gray.  However, in all fairness, some of these ministries do start out with good intentions, but the foundation motive becomes FINANCIAL PROSPERITY. In these ministries there are mixtures of the gospel, mammon, corporate and specially designed charities.  This is what I like to call “A GRAY MATTER”. This is a ministry that has not clearly defined its position, and its bylaws are questionable and the leadership, NOT GOD, defines it members’ worthiness. They are RESPECTERS OF PERSONS.  There is no solidity on the teachings of Christ. The presentation of these ministries leaves one cloudy and apprehensive. Yes, the SHOUT AND HALLELUJAHS are noticeable, but the fundamental teaching of LOVE is a distant cousin, twice removed!

Furthermore, although many of these ministries claim that they are in the business of SALVATION, we find that we have too many unanswered questions.  The GRAY MATTER gives us reason to pause and to seek a black and white foundation to stand on.  Candidates demand a one way or the other presentation in A GRAY MATTER ministry. Just saying that your organization is winning souls for the Kingdom of God is not enough for many Christians.  We have to WALK TOGETHER in the HOLY SPIRIT AND TOUCH AND AGREE.  We cannot move forward based on a HALLELUJAH and a SHOUT! There must be a HOLY SPIRIT agreement and a black and white walk in RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Ministries that have A GRAY MATTER, are not anointed by God, but are developed by man and not by God.

In addition, when a ministry is developed to SLIGHT people who cannot be manipulated or think like them, then this is a SOCIAL CLUB with approved membership only. It is A GRAY MATTER ministry and the LOVE OF CHRIST does not abide.  How is it possible to walk together if a ministry’s foundation is A GRAY MATTER? If its infrastructure is built on mammon, corporate law and a self-appointed messiah?  It is impossible for LIGHT AND DARKNESS to walk TOGETHER! One is going to cancel the other one out, or it will become A GRAY MATTER ministry without clarity.

Finally, there is ROOM for everyone who seeks FORGIVENESS in CHRIST. When the WORD OF GOD is preached in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, those who are weak will become strong in Christ.  In the book of Acts, John Mark started off weak, and the Apostle Paul did not want John Mark to work with him because he did not measure up to his expectations, but Barnabas, Paul’s missionary partner, put his arm around John Mark and trained him.  In the end, John Mark was a most powerful man in the GOSPEL ministry and the Apostle Paul was calling on John Mark for assistance during his imprisonment. There are many God appointed ministries and I pray that the Lord will continue to bless them. But for those ministries that have A GRAY MATTER, I pray you you will just DECLARE that you are a SOCIAL CLUB and it’s for special members only and be DONE with! Please stop masquerading as CHRIST ANOINTED MINISTRY. It spares the disappointment to those who are really seeking TO WALK and WORK in the name of JESUS IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.  In this article, only the guilty can be offended. God bless you! Amen.

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