I know “Killjoy!” But there is something about the summer season that draws people’s mind and heart away from God.  It’s as if Christians thinks it’s time to take a vacation from God! I believe it is the time we should be the most watchful.  Do you know that most major economic and governmental and religious decisions are made in the summer when everyone is out playing and having “FUN?” When the fall season arrives many will say, “When did that happen?” When the summer season is over and many return from their “Vacations.” They will go food shopping and realize that the food prices have increased.  Business and service costs have increased.  Thousands of businesses have closed and people are getting electronic chips implanted in their hands! SUMMER IS A DISTRACTION!

Please do not misunderstand me, I like the summer season, however, I don’t drop God and run to the beach every day or take long cruises and disregard God just because it’s summer!  Okay, the truth is I don’t like going to the beach, but I can do a lot of other things which are considered summer season stuff! My point being, we should never be so indulged in a season that we neglect our duties as Christians.  The Word of God still must be preached, souls are still in need of salvation and the Body of Christ still needs to be fed.  Instead, many are running off and leaving the church doors open for any wolf to come in and devour the sheepfold.  It’s like sending your children to a summer camp without leaving a contact number!  They are at the mercy of the teenage volunteer camp counselors!

There should never be any season that the church is on vacation! Besides, how many people can even afford to go on a summer vacation?  Many people count on the church as a place to fellowship and get their spiritual nourishment.  When the summer season comes around there is only a skeleton ministerial staff available for the church members. “Sorry everybody is on vacation for the summer!” Hey, I get it, we all need a break! But why does everyone have to leave in the summer season.  Winter is a good time for a vacation and what about the fall season when travel prices are lower? I suppose the enemy knows the best time to enter the “Strong man’s” house is in the summer.  The enemy know that everyone is distracted and having fun!

Moreover, when you come back from your wonderful vacations and unpack your bags. Then with great pride, you show off your summer photos to everyone and brag about your adventure.  Just remember there are millions who are unable to even eat or go to the dentist or pay their rent.  They need to hear that God loves them and that there is hope for them.  Oh, don’t be angry because you are privileged and feel entitled to enjoy yourself.  This is my whole point, don’t be so distracted because you are privileged and forget that so many others are not! Is it your fault that many are living in poverty or are too sick to go anywhere? Of course not, but it is always our duty to remind each other that the work of God is always on call!  Christians do not have the luxury of being distracted because it gives too much room for the enemy to ambush God’s people! Always watch and pray Church, because Summer is a Distraction!

For the record, this post is for the Body of Christ. God bless you and amen.

Written Jessica L. Matthews

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