“Every athlete in training submits to strict discipline, in order to be crowned with a wreath that will not last; but we do it for one that will last forever.  That is why I run straight for the finish line; that is why I am like a boxer who does not waste his punches.  I harden my body with blows and bring it under complete control, to keep myself from being disqualified after having called others to the contest.” (I Cor. 9:25-27). (GNB).

Carnal competition is all about pride and praise.  It is the need to display superiority and domination in the world’s arena; and to acquire recognition and accolades. Many people auction their mental and physical skills to the highest bitter to be crowned, “The Winner” or “The Best”.  The reward is fame, money and honors that will soon fade: and “The Winner” or “The Best” is soon forgotten to a new carnal competitor.  The Apostle Paul is using this worldly analogy, to draw a picture of a race and a crown that is far superior to the carnal competition.  Paul is talking about a crown and a race that will not perish nor is it forgotten.  He is presenting to us a race that the crown is everlasting to everlasting.  It is the race to the high calling of Jesus Christ.  It the race for eternal life and the kingdom of God.  This race for eternity does not lack in preparation and fortitude.  It is an uncompromising race, and it requires the runner’s undivided attention to the very finish line! We are all in some type of race, for one reason or another.  But it is important, in fact, imperative to be in the holy race for the kingdom of God. Therefore, it is essential to know, “What Race Are You Running In?”

For those who follow my websites and have read my posts and read my book.  Are clearly aware, I pray, that I keep my pace in Jesus Christ.  Oh, I may post, something humorous from time to time, but it is godly humor.  I do have a sense of humor…really I do! This being said, when God summoned my soul into the holy race to enter the kingdom of God.  I began to train rigorously from the very start, and I never stopped training. Running for Christ has never been a recreational event for me.  It is a life and death challenge for my soul.  Everything I do, I try to do it to the glory of God. Yes, I stumble and fall sometimes, but the Lord lifts me up again.  Our time here in this life is very short, so we need to make what we do for Christ count.  I don’t have time for foolishness and chain letters, I am too busy about my Father’s business.  I know I come across as over-zealous, fanatical and or a legalist. Some folks have even stop my notifications because they don’t want to SEE MORE JESUS POSTINGS, but they want me to read their carnal notifications and self-promotions.  News flash…I am a born-again Christian!  I checked out of the world over thirty years ago.  When you live in Christ, everything you do becomes Christ-centered!  If you study to be a doctor, all one would do is study the things of medicine. Well, Christians should study the things of Heaven! It’s where I live, move and have my being!  I promise you I won’t change.

I need refueling while I’m running this Christian race, we all do! Therefore, I take the time read, listen and pray with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I do that because we are running in the same race.  It is wonderful to run alongside someone who is running for the INCORRUPTIBLE CROWN! Sadly, there are so few who are on the narrow path that leads to life! My Heavenly Father knows, I have prepared my mind and my heart for this race. I always read the Word of God, I meditate on his Word and I pray without ceasing.  I made my mind and heart “hard” in Christ that I will not be distracted and lose my crown. I will do not run in the worldly race to attain a CORRUPTIBLE crown that will not last.  I will not compete with vanity! Praise the Lord, I am running the race that leads to life everlasting.  I will not indulge in the folly of others; nor will I compete for their approval of how I am running my race.  What matters to me, is that Christ and the Cloud of Witnesses are praying for me to make it home to glory.

“What Race Are You Running In?” Are you trying to be popular and impress the world by what you have accomplished, which will soon be forgotten? How long does worldly honors last? Only what you do for Christ will last, only what you do for Christ will be counted in the end.  When I draw closer to my spiritual senses, I realized that the ruler of this world wanted to keep my eyes blinded, my heart lusting and my spirit a prisoner.  Thanks to Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on Calvary’s cross, the veil has been removed from my eyes: the lust in heart is now love for God, and my spirit is enriched with the goodness of God.  I pray for all to run and finish the race for the INCORRUPTIBLE CROWN.  What Race Are You Running In?

For the record, this post is for all who want to run in the INCORRUPTIBLE race to receive everlasting life. Open your heart to Jesus and start your race! God bless you and amen!

Written by Jessica L. Matthews


“Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18)

Pride is defined as a high opinion of oneself, exaggerated self-esteem, conceited, haughty behavior, which is the result of pride.  Delight in one’s own achievements. Being the best of a class, group or society.

A group or a family of lions are called a Pride. The mighty fall of lions in the world. The elite, the privileged, the wealthy and the secret societies, you figure it out! So, a high opinion of oneself, and an exaggerated self-esteem and conceit goes before destruction.

The cause of their destruction is the incapability of producing the results that one had promised.  A person is not as great as they thought they were, when they cannot deliver on a promise without total destruction.  The prideful one has come to the understanding he cannot stop the rain from falling, or stop the rivers from flowing.  He cannot cap the volcano from erupting.  He cannot make it rain in a weary and dry land.  He has to surrender to the mighty forces against him. When a prideful person admits and concedes defeat, then destruction comes according to the words of wisdom. “Pride goeth before destruction.”

When a leader stands before the people and acknowledge that he cannot solve the problems of famine, war, natural disasters, diseases and wild animals, destruction becomes a reality because there is no more hope!  Now, the arrogant spirit caves in, it implodes and fear sets in the heart, and shame of defeat and then one falls down and beats his chest.  “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks ‘Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb’” (Rev. 6:15-16). I am witnessing the so called mighty men running and hiding from their once great positions in the nation. Pride is conceding because national redemption is a hopeless situation! It is quite sad to watch too!

God sent prophets to warn our nation to repent. He told many prophets to write it down, so the people can read their doom, which means that which is written is irreversible! We have had so many warning and the nation refuse to turn to God. The destruction of a once great nation is in progress!

In the shape of men they had the cruelty of lions; (pride). Millions are being robbed without a gun by the pride of the lions in government. They are under no apprehensions of danger from any: though nobody loved them, everyone feared them, and that was all they desired. “Let them hate, so that they do but fear.”

It is vowed by the righteous Judge of heaven and earth; it is his doing, and let all the world take notice that is it so,“He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife, but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat.  He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool; but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered.” (Proverbs 28:25-26).

For the record, this message is for the believer and unbeliever in Jesus Christ! The believer knows the the truth and unbeliever denies the truth. God bless you and amen.


Written by Jessica L. Matthews