“And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ships, so that it was now full.  And he as in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him.  Master, carest thou not that we perish? And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” (Mark 4: 37-39).

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I sincerely lift my prayer to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I come through the power of the divine Holy Spirit. Father your children are in much need of a spiritual awakening. So many of your children cannot discern the raging economic and social and political waves that are upon us. I ask you Father to speak peace to everyone in Christ. Thereby, when the great storm of the coming depression and recession hits us, and the failing economy beats the world down to dust. Let us soldier through the raging financial tempest and social tempest and political tempest with a great calm. Open your children’s eyes, to see that The Tempest is Raging.  I render this prayer in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

“So they left the crowd; the disciples got into the boat in which Jesus was already sitting, and they took him with them. Other boats were there too.” (v.39). All day long Jesus was speaking in parables and healing the sick. Jesus retired himself in a ship that his disciples also occupied. In the surrounding areas on the sea were other boats with occupants also. While Jesus was sleeping, the sea that held the power to destroy all the boats with a simple slap of its wave, began to move about vigorously and flex its massive strength. The disciples became fearful of power of an angry and violent sea. The disciples labeled themselves helpless against such a tremendous force of nature. In a response to the mighty winds and waves, they called on Jesus and he calmed the storm!

I suppose when the Disciples stepped in the boat, they did not even think about a storm brewing. Besides they had a great day with Jesus and miracles were performed; the hope of salvation was in the heavens. What did they have to worrying about? There were no signs of a storm on the sea. If so, I don’t think the other people would have gotten into their boats knowing death was waiting for them. Okay, this is a given, Jesus knew! Nonetheless, I don’t believe the boater’s had life preserves like we have today. Moreover, I am sure they were great swimmers. However, even if they had swimming skills like Olympic Gold Medalists Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps, they were no match for a raging and angry sea!

This is the scenario of the 21st century Christians. Too many Christians are not aware that a Tempest is approaching the economic, social and political front! So many are in the boats without Jesus as their life preserve. We jump into the boats of the Stock Market and IRA’s and Real Estate investments, and career investments. These are the preserves and life-saving navigators for those who possess them. Yet, they are still unprepared for the financial depression that is blowing in the wind. Also, the social Tempest is raging all over the world concerning gender, race and religion! The confusion, the inclusion and the delusion about what is socially right and wrong has tidal waved into a Civil Rights Tsunami! There is a social reckoning coming upon the shores of justice real soon.  The Tempest is raging in the political arenas of the world. It is almost impossible to see when the high waves of deception and thunder clouds of lost liberties are clapping on the sails of world governments! The people are toss by the sea of greed and mismanagement of funds and the laws. All these people who are in these boats need to call on Jesus because The Tempest is Raging, and none will survive without the Calmer of the Storm!

Now let’s go back and look at Jesus’ Disciples. They knew that they had the Miracle Worker on board with them. They woke Jesus up to check out their deadly situation. Jesus arose, and rebuked the wind, and said the sea, “Peace be still.” Now when Jesus spoke to the wind and the sea and it calm down! The Disciples were even more afraid of the power of Jesus Christ! “What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey his will?” (v,41). It is not so much that The Tempest is Raging Church. The real concern is that Jesus is not on board with you to calm your economic, social and political tempest that is brewing in your life and in the world! The Tempest is going rage and that’s a fact! Even so, can you call on Jesus to calm your fears and navigate you through the troubled times ahead? What the Disciples discovered was that Jesus is greater than the Tempest! The sea may roar, and the winds may blow, but Jesus has the power to slow the sea’s roll!

This post is not about being afraid of hard times. It is about knowing who is, the life preserver. It is against the law for a ship to sail without life boats and life preservers. So, in Christianity, it is against our faith base to sail in the world without Jesus Christ. After Jesus calmed the storm, he said to his Disciples, “Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?” (v.40). In life’s raging storms we must remember that we have Jesus; and if you have any other life preservers you are going to sink! Call upon Jesus to calm the raging storms in your life. When the coming economic, social and political storms arise, and they will! Remember Jesus, he is the only one the winds of adversity will obey! The Tempest is Raging, get on board with Jesus! Amen!

For the record, this is an alarm of truth for those who don’t see THE TEMPEST IS RAGING! The world is a moment away from second Depression! It is so necessary for all to know that Jesus is the Captain who commands, and he is the Anchor who holds! God bless you and Amen!

Written by Reverend Jessica L. Matthews

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