“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

Our earthen vessels have stood in many battles for what we call freedom. It is the earthen vessel that wants to do as it pleases.  It wants full control of the spirit and the soul.  What ever the body desires it will fight for and kill for and die for.  It has labeled its efforts “The Fight For Freedom”.  Freedom to do what? What does the flesh want the freedom to do? It wants the freedom to rule the holy principles of the soul and spirit. The flesh wants to discard related to God and his holiness, and carve out its own principles and laws.

I have been watching people march for freedom and kill for freedom all my life.  Even when people think they have won freedom for their earthen vessels, they are still prisoners to the laws of man.  We are all prisoners to compromise.  There is no absolute freedom when one cannot express what is deep down in their heart without being persecuted.  There are always restrictions on worldly freedom.  There is only one place where absolute freedom can be truly liberating and that is within ones own heart.

In my heart, I am free to love or hate whom ever and whatever I choose.  I can laugh and rejoice and praise my God, and there is no one to stop me.  I can withdraw from the world and live in the presence of a holy spiritual bliss without any fear.  This freedom brings me to a place of total serenity.  The freedom within assures me that I can invite love and all that is good to live within me and comfort me.

This earthen vessel has a short life span; and it spends most of its  time and energy on freedoms that will eventual destroy it.  The flesh wants more and more, it is never satisfied.  It drives itself to ruins, adorning itself and trying to stay youthful as it is rapidly decaying.  The freedoms that were fort for so fiercely did not bring inner freedom or contentment.  The passion freedoms only brings weariness to the soul.

True freedom is found in the heart of a righteous person.  A place where the Holy Spirit abides through Jesus Christ.  This is the temple of God, who is Holy, and makes believers holy because of his presence.  He frees our souls from all hunger for worldly pleasures; and he satisfies us with a freedom that the world did not give us and the world can not take it away.  We are safe and free no  matter what is going on in the world.  We know, with a blessed peace that the Lord is our strength and our guide and protector.  Even when the worse of times are present, we have an assurance that we will always be safe and free in Christ.  When the Lord has set you free, you are free indeed! This is the freedom that lasts for eternity.

For the record, this is written to inform and encourage saints and sinners to seek the love of Jesus Christ for true freedom within. God bless you and amen!

Written by Reverend Jessica L. Matthews, Missionary Pastor



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